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Super Bomberman 4

  • versi:1.0
  • Memperbarui: Nov 5, 2016
  • ukuran: 3.24 MB
  • Membutuhkan android: android 2.3 and up
  • Pengembang: Hyperkani
  • Unduhan: 7080
  • Harga: 0

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unlimited money

Deskripsi dari Super Bomberman 4

Super Bomberman 4 is an action game in which players lay bombs to destroy enemies or other bombermen. Other than laying bombs, the game includes a number of power-ups, which allows players to increase the range of a bomb's explosion, punch or kick bombs already on the ground, or pick them up and throw them at another player. The explosions of the bombs can harm anyone on the field, including the bombermen who left the bomb in the first place. There are two game modes, Normal Game (the campaign, which can be played with two players), and the Battle Game, which has three separate modes.

A : Place A Bomb, throw bombs (with glove power-up).
B : Detonate Remote Bombs.
Y : Punch A Bomb (with boxing glove power-up), some creaturn bilities.

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